Numerical Solutions, Inc.

Anthony B. Costa, Ph.D.

President and Chief Science Officer

Anthony is an accomplished theoretical chemist with a highly interdisciplinary background. His doctoral and postdoctoral work included study in diverse fields such as fluid dynamics, multivariate statistics and machine learning, and statistical and quantum mechanics. Anthony has extensive experience in the numerical simulation of physical systems from the microscopic to continuum length and time scales and in the design and implementation of parallel scientific methods on high performance computing systems.

Timothy B. Costa, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Timothy is an applied mathematician with backgrounds in development and analysis of numerical methods for the simulation of mathematical models exhibiting multiscale and multiphysics behavior, and in the development of architecture specific optimizations for scientific computing codes. He has extensive training in modern numerical techniques and has worked on diverse applications including the development and mathematical analysis of numerical methods for charge transport in semiconductor structures with heterojunctions, peridynamic continuum mechanics models, and coupled flow and transport processes in porous media.