Numerical Solutions, Inc.


A library designed for the solution of fluid flow problems in complex, uncertain and evolving geometries in 2D and 3D.


A serial, plain C implementation of the one-dimensional, discrete, periodic Intelligent Driver Model (IDM) solved in arbitrary precision with a 4th-order Runge-Kutta integrator. Further improvements might include more complex discrete driver models, various integrators, an arbitrary number of dimensions, mixed models, and parallelization.


A compute module for the LAMMPS software package which provides a method of generating the forward-difference numerical Hessian matrix on the fly duing any LAMMPS simulation. Future improvements will include other numerical procedures and a general fix-based LAMMPS simulation type in addition to the compute-based approach.


The Scalapack Matrix Applications Tester (SMAT). A simple C program with a configuration file-driven interface supporting matrix multiplication and QR decomposition implemented in Scalapack for the purposes of "burning in" an arbitrary number of cluster nodes while testing performance. Future improvements will include more LAPACK routines and implementations supporting heterogeneous architectures such as GPGPUs (MAGMA, clMAGMA) and Intel MICs (MAGMA MIC).